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Cars, trucks, SUVs, or any vehicle look can be enhanced with a quality window tint. But window tint is not just about a good looking vehicle. It’s about protecting your body and investment of your vehicle.

A vehicle’s window film will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun that can lead to skin discoloration or even melanoma. In addition to the protection you get to your skin, your auto window tint protects the interior of your vehicle. Just like Ultraviolet light can discolor and damage your skin, it can do the same to your vehicle’s interior.

2nd Skin is offering premium window film to customers in all 50 states. 

About Us

2nd Skin is more than a ceramic coating; it is a brand built on a passion for cars. As car enthusiasts, the artistry of a vehicle, from the curved metal, welded together and driven by horsepower to the brilliance of a professional paint job, is what we protect. Our mission is to build a network of enthusiasts and professional installers whose sum is greater than all of its parts.

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